Friday, September 28, 2012

Stupid Question Of The Day: Because D.B. Cooper Was The Only Other Option Edition

They're still looking for Jimmy Hoffa, and some cops need to get a sense of humor:
Berlin said the home may have been owned in the past by a gambler with organized crime ties. The current owner is Patricia Szpunar, 72, who said she has lived there since 1988.
She told the Associated Press that police detectives appeared two weeks ago and said they may need to search her yard for a dead body.
“I laughed at them,” Szpunar said Friday as the work began. “I looked at them and said, `What? Do you think Jimmy Hoffa is buried in my backyard?' … They just looked at me, and asked why I said Jimmy Hoffa.”
The young'uns who don't know about D.B Cooper can get the basics here.

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