Sunday, September 23, 2012

South Dakota Right Wing Siding With Paranoia And Inaccurate Historian

Brad Ford publicizes a Stephanie Strong hosted "The Constitution is the Solution" presentation. Ford invokes Thoreau and Emerson to place this "public performance" in the 19th Century Chautauqua and Lyceum traditions. The event will feature video presentations from Robert Brown of the John Birch Society and self-alleged historian David Barton.

I've always preferred William F. Buckley conservatism to John Birch Society fringe paranoia. Barton's book The Jefferson Lies was voted the least credible history book in print in July. In August publisher Thomas Nelson pulled the book.
The publisher, Thomas Nelson, said in a statement that it had received complaints from numerous readers that there were factual errors in the book, which reached the New York Times bestseller list in May.
“We took all of those concerns seriously [and] learned that there were some historical details included in the book that were not adequately supported,” said the publisher, which focuses on releasing Christian-based titles.
Barton's book is so replete with errors that two respected historians Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter felt compelled to write an entire book to respond:
David Barton claims he is setting the record straight with this book, but that claim is far from reality. Barton misrepresents and distorts a host of Jefferson's ideas and actions, particularly his views and practices regarding religion, slavery and church-state relations. As Jefferson did with the Gospels, Barton chooses what he likes about Jefferson and leaves out the rest to create a result more in line with his ideology. In fact, there were so many problems with his book that we wrote an entire book in response.
Fittingly, Barton has turned to Glenn Beck for succor.

I sided with rebels against the Empire in Star Wars; I loathe the imperial New York Yankees and would have gladly helped David pick out some smooth stones as he went up against Goliath.

I really want to side with South Dakota's little guys when they go up against Daugaard Inc. The rebels and David, however, had truth on their side; by siding with Barton and the John Birch Society, Strong and Ford are using fear and propaganda to spread misinformation.


caheidelberger said...

(1) Bard Ford should not be in charge of publicizing anything. Instead of headlining the John Birch event, he buries it at the bottom under a bunch of silly prattle about the resurgence of lecture series, in a weak attempt to liken Stephanie Strong's two-hour karaoke sessions to great oratory.

(2) Note that next Saturday's session runs from 11 to 1 a.m. Bring your glow sticks for the rave!

LK said...

If there were a live reading of Emerson and Thoreau, I might show up with a few glow sticks. Hearing Walden surrounding by neon green might be fun