Monday, September 3, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Cassandra Edition

Writing at CNN, David Frum points to a potential crisis no one is mentioning:
Prediction: 2013 will be a year of serious global crisis. That crisis is predictable, and in fact has already begun. It will inescapably confront the next president of the United States. Yet this emerging crisis got not a mention at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. We'll see if the Democrats do better.

The crisis originates in this summer's extreme weather. Almost 80% of the continental United States experienced drought conditions. Russia and Australia experienced drought as well.
No one listened to Cassandra's warnings; I doubt that anyone will listen to Frum and others who warn about an impending food crisis.


larry kurtz said...

We're not the only ones thinking about this, LK: Sibby at Madville.

There is more in Cory's archives: will dig up some.

larry kurtz said...

LK said...

Thanks for the links, Larry, especially the second one.

My father loved the land, and he always worried about corporate agriculture. He'd usually say corporations would mine the land instead of farm it.

I think we will see the results of that mining mindset if we have another year like this past year.