Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Watch Too Much TV: Beer Advertisement SoundrtackEdition

Beer commercials used to be rather corny and long. I remember ads like this one interrupting a lot of Twins games when I was young enough to think it important that I memorize the entire roster's stats:

Schlitz was famous for a tagline "go for the gusto," but when the ad campaign added music, the result was, as the kids say, an epic fail.

Miller 64 has better lyrics, melody, and tech, but the commercial clearly traces its linage back to the Schlitz ad:

With that commercial history, what the heck is Heineken doing featuring a "retro soul revival sound" in its newest ad?

I admit I like the song; I may buy the album.  That fact leads me to question the wisdom of a beer commercial that makes one more likely to buy the music than the beer.

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