Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Worldviews

Ok. it's probably worth only three or four.

I think it's a great visual writing prompt.

Steve Sibson probably thinks it dipicts an actual Illumanti meeting.

Cory might muse that the guy to the alien's left looks a lot like Gorver Norquist would look if Norquist shaved. Cory might also make his students write about the picture in French

A person who thinks that Mitt Romney should have picked Allen West as his running mate probably wants to burn everyone depicted in the sketch at the stake and then try them as Communist sympathizers.

Picture via IO9.com


caheidelberger said...

Come on, it's X-Files! Cancer Man is seated to the alien's right. Rita Covarrubias, lower right, has dyed her hair. And to her right... hey! That's Jeremiah Smith!

LK said...

Good eye. They should take away my I'm a pop culture aficionado" card for not having a reference to the truth is out there someplace in the original post.