Friday, August 10, 2012

A Current Political Kerfuffle Gives Me 1980s Nostalgia

Pat Powers has become obsessed with robocalls and post cards criticizing Republican legislators. Cory has given his takes. So has David Montgomery.

The efforts to discern the identity of those behind this effort seem like a political game of "Smack-a-Goth"

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In the Madville Times comments, Charlie Hoffman raises a valid concern:
What is most troubling to me though is their usage of a child obviously reading a script some adult put in front of her telling her to read it.
I wish that Charlie had not violated the primary corollary to Godwin's Law with a link that followed that sentence, but that error doesn't obviate the odious nature of using a child to make political points.

That being said, this whole blow-up strikes me as a tempest in a teapot, much ado about nothing, a prime example of August being the a political twilight zone, or [feel free to insert your cliche of choice here].

Here's what will happen as a result of the calls and postcards: Republicans will continue to dominate the state. This campaign will not affect the outcome of a single legislative race.

I will let a mulleted, younger Bill Murray speak for me:

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