Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Monday Morning Teacher Crankiness

I'm catching up on reading that I missed during NFL Nationals or debate camp, and I stumbled upon this little gem at Bill Ferriter's The Tempered Radical:

Ferriter writes:
What's completely crazy is that I've probably taught about a million Baljeet's in my day -- kids who weren't interested in any experience that wasn't graded.  And that's frightening because when grades become more important than learning, kids suffer.
I have to be honest; my number is a little lower, only about 733,649. The percentage of students in each section is growing each year, so I should get my millionth Baljeet before too long.

I hope the Baljeatles follow up "Somebody Give Me A Grade" with "I Need At Least A 'B' So I Can Get $50 From My Parents."  I'm sure a creative band like the Baljeatles could create a great alt country jazz rap fusion sound to tie in with lyrics.: think Willie Nelson meets Kayne meets Diana Krall.

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