Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Ag Policy Edition

From this New York Times article:
“The future is local,” said Narendra Varma, 43, a former manager at Microsoft who invested $2 million of his own money last year in a 58-acre project of small plots and new-farmer training near Portland, Ore. The first four farmers arrived this spring alongside Mr. Varma and his family, aiming to create an economy of scale — tiny players banded in collective organic clout. He had to interrupt a telephone interview to move some goats.
Economists and agriculture experts say the “slow money” movement that inspired Mr. Varma, a way of channeling money into small-scale and organic food operations, along with the aging of the farmer population and steep barriers for young farmers who cannot afford the land for traditional rural agriculture, are only part of the new mix.
Any paragraph that has a millionaire interrupt a conversation to move goats deserves to be the quotation of the day.

The curious side of me wonders if Big Ag Farma will allow this trend to continue. The article reports that "[t]he federal farm bill, passed by the Senate last month, has provisions to support farmers’ markets." I suspect, however, that Representative Kristi Noem,South Dakota's reigning Ms. Monsanto, will continue her DC efforts to ensure that corporate agriculture continues to be the norm.

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D.E. Bishop said...

I love this movement. As a farm girl, now living in the city, I'd love to do it. Buy maybe 20 acres, including a farm site and good water well, and garden. I'd raise a few livestock too. A farm must have animals. I need to find a million/billion-aire with a heart.