Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If A Newspaper Article Doesn't Mention An Unruly Person Being Escorted From A Meeting, Did The Event Happen?

Yeah, the post title doesn't quite have the ring of a tree falling in forest making noise.

I didn't get to the Yankton School Board meeting on Monday night. Call me crazy, but picking up a young'un who has been teaching English in China, and who hasn't been home for nearly a year seemed a priority.

According to this P&D article, there's a new president and continued consternation about the self insurance fund.  The only conflict mentioned is Dave Baumeister's effort to get the Yankton County Observer to be considered as the Yankton School District's official paper.

On the other hand, today's "Daily Record" reports: "A request was received at 7 p.m. Monday to remove an unruly person from the Yankton School Board meeting. The individual was escorted out of the building without incident."

Removing an unruly person should not necessarily lead the article, but one shouldn't have to read two reports over two days to get a complete report of an otherwise uneventful meeting

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