Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can Iraq Teach The US How To Solve Its Problem

Or is Katie Couric trying to take over the world?

The New York Times spells out the problem:
Yet one of the harshest reminders that Iraq is still a wounded nation is the inability to provide adequate electricity. Soon it will be Ramadan, when the faithful cannot eat or drink during the long daylight hours, a challenge made all the more difficult by the hot, still air. No power — no fan, no air-conditioning.
One solution would be to try to generate more electricity.  Iraq did not chose that option:
The Electricity Ministry is making only halting progress in solving the country’s power woes, so it is trying to burnish its image with a public relations campaign that demonstrates a degree of Madison Avenue sophistication, not to mention a disregard of copyright law.
The specifics of that disregard are, at first blush, humorous:
But officials are not just trying to upgrade power lines and generators. They are also looking to Katie Couric to help keep people cool.
At more than two dozen locations around this city, officials have posted giant billboards of Ms. Couric, billed as “America’s Sweetheart” during her time as a host of the “Today” show on NBC. From high above the steamy streets, or from the side of blast walls, Ms. Couric beams out at passers-by in an advertisement for a daily news bulletin about electricity that is produced by the government and is shown on 11 satellite television channels. 
The recorded results are interesting:
“It doesn’t give me hope about electricity, but I like to see her beautiful face,” Habib Harbi, who sells watermelon in the summer and sweets in the winter, said as he looked across the street at the billboard from his fruit stand.
Obviously, Iraqis have learned from Americans that a beautiful face is a great great marketing tool.  Americans should learn from this specific example.  The sight of Couric's face could salve the angst caused by numerous ills.
  • The federal budget numbers should be scrolled beneath a Couric head and shoulders photo.
  • The next time there's tornado destruction, the networks should use a side by side shot: the destruction on one side and Couric's face on the other.
  • Any discussion of Congress should feature Couric's face instead of Boehner's or Reid's.
On the other hand, Orwell warned readers that Big Brother's face would be ubiquitous.  What if this if phase one of a Couric plot to become Big Sister?

This plan is so fiendishly simple that it will undoubtedly work.  Start with Iraq; become an Internet meme; take over the world.

Big Sister is watching you!

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