Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Minor Musing About Superheroes And Teaching

In an earlier post, I concluded that the search for a single superhero role model is counterproductive:
It takes a collection of gifted humans, a few mutants, some technological superstars, and effective leaders to create a climate to teach the students populating our classrooms because some of those students have kryptonite.
I still stand by that point, but that previous post seemed focused on a superheroes "powers" or technology that teachers can't bring into the classroom.

In Green Lantern and Philosophy, Daniel P. Malloy points out that Green Lanterns "must fearless and honest."  Further, "there are two capacities or 'elements' one needs in order to use a power ring: willpower and imagination" (239).

The self appointed reformers who fashion themselves as the Guardians of Oa want teachers to have superpowers.  Those reformers also attempt to prevent teachers from developing into an effective corps when they work to divide and conquer with testing, merit pay proposals, and demonization for being fallible humans.

Teachers don't have superpowers. They don't have a power ring that they can use to create whatever they need in a given situation, and they don't have a lantern that they can use to get a full charge every 24 hours. Like every other human being, they rely on caffeine, sugar rushes, and energy drink.

Teachers bring bring their character and temperament into the classroom every class period.  They and their students would be well served if teachers emphasized and developed courage, honesty, willpower, and imagination.


D.E. Bishop said...

I just want to correct a minor spelling error. I think when you wrote "reformers," you meant to hit "D", rather than that first "R."

LK said...

Thanks D.E. Somewhere in the archives there's a post that contains my admission that I am a crappy keyboardist.

I just don't know how reform my deformed skills.