Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sad Work Facts

I ended the school year feeling as tired as I can ever remember feeling.  According to this Business Insider slide show, I'm not alone.  American workers are probably among the most tired in the world.  The most frustrating takes from the article:

The average American gets 90 minutes less sleep than they should, and the number of sleep disorders has skyrocketed in recent years. 
If current trends continue, Americans will be spending as much time at their jobs in 2100 as they did back in 1920, when regulations were put into place to protect workers.
83 percent of employees report going to work sick because they're afraid they'll be punished for missing.
36 percent of Americans don't plan to use all of their vacation days.
The U.S. is one of few countries that doesn't legally require workers to take time off. By contrast, countries like France and England require workers to take 30 days of vacation 
24 percent of employees work six or more extra hours per week without pay.
 I wonder if the corporations that are people get as tired as human workers.

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