Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Recovering Lifehacker Edition

An important reminder from this Lifehacker post contending that one should simplify one's life and discover and act on what's important:
You are very important, but only to certain people. Make sure you identify them correctly.
Why do I check my inbox, twitter feed, smartphone notifications, and blog stats like a crack fiend? Because I really like feeling important. I like getting messages instantly because their manufactured urgency makes me feel like my attention is a hot commodity clamored for by thronging masses. And it's true: my attention is a hot commodity. But not to 95% of the people behind those dings and pings. They don't really care about me or my attention at all, other than as a means to their own ends. If I emailed them back right now, or two hours from now, tomorrow, never — it very well might make no real difference in the big picture. You know who does care about my attention? My wife. My friends (and not the Facebook variety). The family members I don't call often enough. To them, I actually am important. Why not act accordingly?
I'm not saying you should just blow off your communication-related obligations at will, but being omni-available in "real time" should not be your default if you can help it. Let's be honest: The consequences of ignoring or deferring incoming messages until you're ready to review them are abstract and vastly overestimated, while the consequences of being that asshole who keeps checking his iPhone at dinner are very real. Yes, certain people should have the authority to interrupt you at will. But do consider this possibility: if the people to whom you've extended this privilege invoke it primarily via "things that ding," your priorities may be seriously [f**ked]. [Bold and real profanity in original]
Read the whole thing; it's worth one's time.

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