Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Minor Musing: South Dakota Politics Campaign Ad Edition

I have no idea what Jeff Barth is trying to do with his new campaign ad.  BuzzFeed calls the ad kooky.  My guesses about his goals for the ad, in no particular order, are
  1. Earn an interview with either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.
  2. Shore up his hick credentials.
  3. Do an empirical study to definitively ascertain whether it's true that there's no such thing as bad publicity.
  4. Deliberately lose the primary election to Matt Varilek.
  5. Make everyone think he's from South Carolina.
  6. Make it impossible for him to win against Kristi Noem should he win the primary
People who get paid to discuss campaign ads have a more scholarly view.  The Huffington Post reports:
Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy has hailed it on Twitter as "the campaign ad we've been waiting for," while MSNBC's Jamil Smith questions whether we should view this as sarcasm or,more likely,as a profound and absurd deconstruction of the art of the political campaign ad.
I appreciate country living and plain speaking more than most.  I love irony.  Anyone who discusses the south end of a north bound horse and calls politicians horses' asses has my attention.  I just doubt the video will help him, so I hope he had fun doing it.

For those who need their irony, "absurd deconstruction", kookiness, or fiddle music:

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D.E. Bishop said...

I love the ad! I can't say how it will affect his political opportunities - but I love the ad!