Thursday, May 31, 2012

Justin Bieber Hears And Delivers Words Of Wisdom

I feel a bit cheap posting this, but I need to improve my readership among the all important 'tween girl demographic.

The Answer Sheet blog reports that Ellen DeGeneres conducted a high school graduation ceremony for Justin Bieber.  Bieber earned his GED earlier this year.

The post provides a transcript of the DeGeneres's comments.  The best part of the speech occurs when DeGeneres compares herself to the pop sensation:
You’re only 18 and you are already an international superstar. When I was 18 my biggest accomplishment was drinking a whole bottle of boysenberry syrup from the International House of Pancakes.
The post does not transcribe the most important part of the ceremony.  Bieber thanks a business that all graduates keep profitable in this testing for the sake of testing era: Bieber thanks "Ticonderoga pencils number 2 and number 3."  If a teen pop singer whom many believe guilty of vapid lyrics understands that education is being reduced to commercialism and filling in the bubbles, it seems odd that education bureaucrats can't arrive at the same conclusion and stop foisting foolish policies on students.

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