Thursday, May 31, 2012

Insult Of The Day: John Thune As Veep Edition

Ed Kilgore illustrates that it's important to leave readers with a vivid image and use action verbs.  First, he points to NRO's soporific praise.
It probably didn’t help that Costa’s case for Thune wasn’t exactly stirring: He’s “lanky and telegenic.” He’s “the son of a school-teacher and the grandson of a hardware store owner.” His state is sorta kinda near the Rust Belt battleground area. He’s a “devout Christian.” His wife isn’t entirely opposed to his going onto the ticket. He’s friends with Mitch McConnell. How much excitement can you stand?
Kilgore than goes on to deliver an elegant and effective put down:
Some say Romney is so confident of victory that he’s looking for the “best qualified to be president” hopeful, which is what every nominee since Andrew Jackson has claimed he was looking for. Others say he’s terrified of the Palin precedent, and/or doesn’t want to make the Veepship a test of strength among the GOP’s various factions, and thus prefers someone as anodyne as possible. Either way, Thune, who probably does not leave an impression on his own bed when he arises in the morning, might fill the bill. But I’ll save reading the next profile of the man until a moment when I can use and afford a nap. [emphasis mine]
Kilgore, who actually gets paid for blogging, probably has a reason for not asking an obvious question, but the question has been bothering me, so I'll ask it: when did being "lanky" become a quality that made one "best qualified to be president"?

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D.E. Bishop said...

Hahahahaha! Good post. I especially loved this line: "Thune, who probably does not leave an impression on his own bed when he arises in the morning,"