Friday, April 20, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Mid-Day Essay Question About Politicians Motivations Edition

From this Charles M. Blow post on "Campaign Stops," a New York Times political blog,
I have no personal gripe with Romney. I don’t believe him to be an evil man. Quite the opposite: he appears to be a loving husband and father. Besides, evil requires conviction, which Romney lacks. But he is a dangerous man. Unprincipled ambition always is. Infinite malleability is its own vice because it’s infinitely corruptible by others of ignoble intentions.
Blow's distinction between evil and dangerous seems to me to be useful.

Here's the essay question:   One should probably distrust politicians who run because their own personal ox has been gored, and the empty suits who certainly seem to be "infinitely corruptible by others of ignoble intentions."  One should also distrust those who run to add political office to their resume.  Is there anyone on the statewide or national political scene who doesn't fit one of those three criteria?  Are all politicians inherently dangerous? 

Support your answers with concrete examples.  Neatness counts.  (Not really, but I like saying it.)

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