Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quotations Of The Day: War On Teachers Edition

All three qotations come from this Answer Sheet post.

First, those who find solace in the fact that others share their plight can be comforted by this little nugget.
Attacks on teachers have occurred in the midst of a broad-based attack on the bargaining rights and benefits of all public workers — but even by that standard, teachers have been singled out.
I don't take much comfort in the fact that teacher hate is widespread.  In fact, I find the fact that there is a wide spread group of teacher haters like those populating the ranks of We The People Yankton quite disconcerting.

Second, a quick reminder that working people injure only themselves if they fight among themselves.
There is another more insidious consequence of the attack on teaching. Every time you undermine the job security, working conditions, and wages of one group of workers, it makes it easier for employers to undermine them for all workers. This is why, during the Depression, many unemployed people organized in support of workers on strike, even though anybody with a job in that era was relatively privileged. They believed in the concept of solidarity — the idea that working people could only progress if they did so together, and if one group of workers improved their conditions, it would ultimately improve conditions for all.
 Unsurprisingly, the source of all the hate is a green-eyed monster, no not jealousy, that other one: money.
There are huge profits to be made in the testing industry, in educational technologies that replace teachers, and in constructing and managing charter schools, so it is not hard to see why some people in the corporate world would benefit from attacking public education and teachers unions.

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