Friday, February 24, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Political Sycophant Edition

Bob Mercer gives us a little insight into the merit pay debate with the following report.
As Sen. Elizabeth Kraus put it, a governor with 78 percent approval rating deserves the opportunity to lead in this matter.
The logic, and I use the term advisedly, behind Senator Kraus's remark is that ideas proposed by popular people are good merely because the ideas came from a popular person.  I hesitate to mention that popular Roman emperors frequently proposed gladiatorial combat as part of a larger public policy.  Taken to it's logical conclusion, Senator Kraus's statement implies that the most popular person in the school should set school policy; in short, the prom king and homecoming queen should make policy instead of the administration and the school board.

It seems that some members of the South Dakota legislature believe they are in a parliment and the executive and the party chief are one.  To vote against such an executive requires courage and may have some political cost because the legislator is beholden to the executive not constituents.

I had always operated under the idea that the American legislatures acted as a check on executive power not an enabler of someone who had 78 percent approval rating.  Of course, that concept of a legislature as a check requires legislators with political courage not high school royalty hangers-on.

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Anonymous said...

We should expect that Kraus will kiss Daugaard's ring before it's over.