Friday, December 9, 2011

I Really Wouldn't Mind Seeing These Buzzwords Retired

The site Meeting Boy publishes a survey of the most hated buzzwords.
1.think outside the box (16%) back (15%)
3.synergy (14%) is what it is (13%)
5.touch base (13%) the end of the day (13%)
7.let’s take this offline (12%)
8.low-hanging fruit (11%)
9.value-added (11%)
10.proactive (10%)
11.paradigm shift (9%) practices (9%)
13.going forward (8%)
14.take it to the next level (7%)
15.30,000-foot view (or any other multi-thousand foot view) (7%) (7%)
17.on the same page (7%)
18.leverage (6%)
19.a lot on my plate (6%)
20.robust (6%) smarter (5%)
22.impactful (4%)
23.rockstar (4%)
24.holistic (4%) (4%) (3%) whatever it takes (3%) (2%)
29.flawless execution (1%)
The South Dakota Department of Education is fond of "next generation."  Judging by this draft proposal, I'm going to hate that one more than any of those on Meeting Boy's survey.

I'll try following up on some of the specifics of SDDOE's proposals over the weekend.

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