Monday, December 5, 2011

HIgh School Policy Debaters Apparently Become Conservative Columnists

I will be in the tab room this Saturday, but I fully expect to hear something like this Charles Krauthammer analysis on any number of disadvantages (DAs) the next time I judge a high school policy debate round.
Everything is going to have a price. It is true that if we cut off Iran’s economy entirely or if we impose, as the Europeans, or some of the Europeans, are suggesting, an embargo on Iranian oil you might get an increase in the oil price. But think how the cost will pale compared to the cost of what is inevitably going to happen if nothing is done, which is an Israeli airstrike, which would cause the outbreak of a regional war, which could cause the closing of the Straits of Hormuz, which would cause a doubling of [oil] prices.
Krauthammer is getting a little sloppy.  He should add that the rising oil prices will lead to a regional war which will lead to nuclear war which will lead to human extinction, a terminal impact.  Oh well, he probably is going to drop the DA and close for a conservative kritik (K).

That's ok; I love a good K debate.

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