Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do Geek Gear Fanatics Know What Minimalist Means?

It's been over a year since I last did a geek gear post.  I'm not sure why.  The good folks at have prompted me to do a little complaining about geek gear.  They are asking readers about the contents of their backpack, but with a minimalist twist.
This time around we're focusing on how you can get by with very little. What are the essential items in your bag when you want to keep your bag lightweight and practical and still get things done?
I think some of the readers get it.  For example, wjglenn writes, "Minimalist? I carry no bag. Keys, wallet, phone. And I'll leave any one of those home if possible."  The commentor Beckfield also seems to understand minimalist:  "Umm... Backpack? Keys, wallet. A couple USB flash drives if I'm going to work."  By admitting to not being a minimalist, WiFi clearly understands the concept.
Not exactly minimalist but...
iPod touch 4G
Blackberry Curve
A mini-notebook
Spare pair of contact lenses
Handful of pencils, pens, and erasers
Graphing Calculator, and a regular Scientific calculator

Seems like a lot, but really its not since I carry the keys, iPod, phone, notebook, and writing utensils in my pocket. Plenty of room to put stuff into my backpack.
On the other hand, ionpattern writes,
I have a fantastic small bag from OverLand Equipment. It's my go-to bag for light outings (i.e. when the backpack is too much). Contents:

- painkillers + other emergency meds
- hand sanitizer
- chopsticks
- sunglasses
- occasionally sunscreen
- small notebook, pen, and pencil
- hair tie
- iPhone
- camera
- wallet
- sometimes Kindle or book
I had no idea that chopsticks, hand sanitizer, and cameras, and Kindles were minimalist, especially if one has an iPhone that probably has a Kindle app.

ZeroCool898 writes,
Timbuk2 bag.... best ever.

- Depending on if I'm working or F'ing around it could either be the Dual Core HP netbook or the Dell E6410 laptop.

- Ipod Nano

- Misc cords (usb of all sizes, ipod)

- Bluetooth Headset

- Blackberry, Samsung Infuse

- Moleskin

- Hand Sanitizer

- Pens, Pencil

- Leatherman

- No longer a Swiss Army Knife - Thanks TSA

- Flight and Rental car information (currently)

- Sometimes USB VoIP headset

- Tide Stain Stick and Carmex
At times I carry netbook, smartphone, and mp3 player.  I also have a Leatherman, Tide Stick, lip balm, and notebooks in my bag,  but I think that by carrying all of that stuff, I'm showing my survivalist side not my minimalist side.  None if it sounds "lightweight"

Shouldn't a minimalist leave the house with only a wallet and ID so that the cops know who to call if one is struck by a car?

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