Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quotation Of The Day: A Pox On Both Their Houses Edition

From this Conor Friedersdorf post.
The excesses of folks from Dick Cheney to Rush Limbaugh to Michele Bachmann have radicalized some on the left, whose attitude is summed up by the assertion that "the other side" is nuts. You'll get no disagreement from me. (I intend neither equivalence nor comparison when I say that from my perspective "both sides" are nuts.) The Republican Party sucks, and the conservative movement is as often a corrupt machine that turns resentment and insecurity into profit as it is a principled ideological movement. But liberals and progressives have failed to confront the fact that President Obama is every bit as bad as his predecessor when it comes to civil liberties violations, that he's taken positions on executive power that are even more extreme, and that special interest groups from large corporations to public employee unions to trial lawyers have corrupted the Democratic establishment right along with the GOP establishment.
In 2012 do I prefer the guy who launched a war or choice without Congressional permission, put an American citizen on an assassination list, and waged a war on whistle-blowers? Or the challenger from the party of torture, hysteria over sharia law, and negotiating ploys that risk our economic health?
Suffice it to say I'm an undecided voter.
I wish I could have said it that well.

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