Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Ask 20 Political Questions (Part 1)

For the Tea Party

1. You claim that your founding principle is love of freedom and states rights.  Where were you when the Patriot Act, the biggest legislative threat to individual liberty of the 20th Century was passed?  I heard no outcry then.  The same question goes for NCLB which threatens states rights in the same way the Patriot Act threatens political liberty.

2. If you reach your goal of reducing the federal government to the level that it was before the Civil War, what's your plan to deal with corporate power? 

3. Have you forgotten that corporations performed the actions that lead to the Great Recession?  You do remember that we now live in a world where some corporations are now too big to fail?  Does it ever scare you that that fact probably means corporations' success may be as toxic to the common person as their failure was?

4. Why are your leaders such jerks?  I'm thinking about Eric Cantor in particular, but a large number of your national spokespeople remind me of drunken louts sitting in fine restaurants and ruining the meals of other patrons through boorish behavior.

5. Have you read Animal Farm?  You do realize that the allegory applies not only to the Soviet Union but to any group that claims to provide political salvation.  The symbolic pigs who take over any movement eventually become the corrupt men that they expel from the metaphoric farm paradise.  You do know that?  Are you taking any steps to try to prevent that from happening to your movement should you achieve success?

For the Democrats

6. You claim that Republicans and Tea Party members are anti-science and anti-intellectual.  In short, you claim they are foolish, but they cleaned your political clocks in the debt ceiling fight.  If I may paraphrase Obi Wan Kenobi, who's the bigger fool, the fool or the fool who loses political fights with the fool?

7. President Obama, you do realize that the ends don't justify the means, don't you?  Do you understand that driving a dictator from power doesn't justify ignoring the Constitution or the War Powers Act?

8.  On the subject of Libya, do you remember what happened to your predecessor when he hung out the "Mission Accomplished" banner a wee bit early?  Can you avoid that mistake even though you couldn't avoid the temptation to not follow the Constitution?

9. South Dakota Democrats, you do realize that Will Rogers was joking when he said that he wasn't part of any organized party; he was a Democrat?  You do understand that if you're going to defeat Noem who is going to get at least two-thirds of the West River vote, you need to get a really strong candidate?

For Republicans

10.  You don't want to close tax loopholes that favor corporations or let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire, but you seem willing to let the payroll tax break expire at the end of the this year.  Why are you willing to end tax breaks for the common people but not the rich?

All answers need to be done in complete sentences.  Neatness counts.  Part 2 will be assigned later in the week.

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