Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's In A Name?: Jon Huntsman's URL

Josh Green notes that Jon Huntsman's official website will be called www.jon2012.com.  Green speculates that calling the site Jon 2012 instead of Huntsman 2012 might have some Biblical significance.  He notes that King James version of the passage states "And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain" before concluding that his premise is incorrect.
The image of resurrection doesn't make much sense for a first-time presidential candidate like Huntsman. (Although it would suit Mitt Romney rather nicely.) So unlike my dad [a theologian], I doubt the biblical allusion is intentional. Rather, I think it reflects his big gripe about religion in politics--and also about religion in the media--which is that political consultants, like reporters, are so ignorant of religion that the allusion probably would not even have occurred to them.
I think Green should have stuck with his original premise that Huntsman chose the Jon2012 instead of Huntsman 2012 for religious reasons.

The passage offers an idea of resurrection.  David Brooks has opined, "This election is about how to avert national decline. All other issues flow from that anxiety."  Republicans, tea partiers, conservatives,and libertarians all will take Brooks's position one step further and assert that the first Obama term has killed the American dream.  It will take only a moderately talented speech writer to craft some lines that allude to the verse and will allow Huntsman to claim that he is resurrecting the American Dream.

Further the angels allow Huntsman to wax poetic about America being guided and protected by Providence.  Resurrecting America under the direction of Providence and ensuring the continued protection of angels is a necessary appeal for Iowa and some Southern Republican voters.


Geoff Matthews said...

someone had already scooped up huntsman2012.com

LK said...

I don't view these options as mutually exclusive. Huntsman may have preferred the simple Huntsman2012, but once that option was eliminated, conscious choices had to be made about what the best alternative would be. If a choice makes it easy to make allusions that appeal to religious conservatives, then it would make sense to pick that option rather than HuntsmanforPresident2102 or something like that