Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plains Pops: NY Gay Marriage Edition

Yesterday, I read this comment on the Flooding Caused by Army Corps, Liberals… or Rain? post at the Madville Times.
We are blaming the pantheistic New Age Spiritual Pagan Theocracy that is running this country via the United Nations, or in other words, the New World Order or perhaps even the Beast of Revelation. Be careful on what you are riding.
After reading that comment about the flooding, I decided to wait until late in the day to see what the South Dakota Blogosphere would say about New York passing a gay marriage bill.  I was hoping for give and take and allusions to Sodom and and people calling each other fascists.  New York's allowing gay marriage was supposed to give this South Dakotan the easist blog post he ever wrote.

Instead it's the hardest.  The Madville Times has a positive post with no comments.  None of the South Dakota blogs I follow have anything on it.  There's nothing on the Madville Times or South Dakota War College blogrolls either. 

I know it's Saturday and weather is wonderful and the flood rightfully dominates most of our thoughts, but a bill that "doubles the number of [gay] Americans with the right to marry," and only one South Dakotan blogs about it?  Maybe it's just not that big of an issue after all.


BW Schwartz said...

I have little desire to post on the happenings in New York as it would most likely just bring out our local homophobe population spewing their anti gay screed to the effect that world will somehow end if we acknowledged the rights of gays to be happy.

I will instead continue to post on their irrational fear of allowing said rights at every opportunity...

yanktonirishred said...

Very happy for those FINALLY allowed to marry in New York. Very sad that it's not Federal law.