Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Party States: An Update

The cliche misery loves company must have an element of truth.  The fact that other states are suffering under single party domination provides a small bit of comfort producing commiseration.

The New York Times profiles Connecticut and Wisconsin.  Democrats dominate Connecticut; Republicans control Wisconsin.

The Times reports Connecticut's conservatives' complaints:

An editorial on Monday in The Republican-American of Waterbury, considered the state’s most conservative daily newspaper, was more blunt: “It now is fair to say the state of Connecticut has left the gravitational pull of planet Earth. Just when you thought state government’s policies couldn’t get any more absurd, they move to a new level of, well, absurdity.”
In Wisconsin, Democrats bemoan a lack of bipartisanship.
“There has been not even a pretense of trying to find a bipartisan agreement on important issues,” said Senator Mark Miller, the Democratic leader, who added that some measures were introduced and passed through committees in just a week’s time — a warp-speed timetable for any state government. “It’s the Republican agenda, and that’s it. The only negotiations now are among themselves.”
South Dakotans who are not in the Republican fold can empathize with the political minorities in both states; the recent legislative session has produced absurdity because the only negotiations took place between members of the majority party.

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