Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a Bad Day To Be Michele Bachmann: Why Do The Liberals Write All The Popular Songs

Tom Petty won't let Michele Bachmann play 'American Girl.  From Rolling Stone,
Michele Bachmann hasn't exactly gotten her campaign off to the best start. It's bad enough to confuse movie legend John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy and crazily insist that John Quincy Adams was a founding father at the age of nine – but now she's gone and pissed off Tom Petty. The Minnesota congresswoman played "American Girl" yesterday when she walked onstage at a rally, and Rolling Stone has confirmed reports that Petty's management team immediately sent the Bachmann campaign a cease and desist letter.
The Rolling Stone article reminds us that Petty prevented George W. Bush from using "I Won't Back Down,"; Heart prevented Sarah Palin from using "Barracuda," and both Jackson Browne and John Mellencamp prevented John McCain from using their songs.

All of this history prompts two questions.  First, why do the conservative cultural warriors who constantly complain about popular culture want to identify themselves by using the product?  Second, does this misuse of popular music mean that Shane can have his "Flooded Nuke Plant '11 Benefit Concert"?


BW Schwartz said...

Problem is Heart couldn't stop Palin because the proper fees were paid to ASCAP and if Bachmann's camp does the same Tom Petty might not have a choice.

LK said...

Thanks for the clarification. Heart donated a portion of the royalties to the Obama campaigns.

yanktonirishred said...

I hope this makes you laugh this morning. I was actually chortling.