Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Do South Dakota Bloggers Write?

Big boy blogger Andrew Sullivan published a post with a picture of his "blog cave."  I'm not going to post a picture of myself on the internet because I might break it.  My mother always told me "you break it; you buy it.:  I can't afford a new battery for my laptop, so I think the internet is out of my price range.

Now that that digression is over, I'm curious how and where South Dakota bloggers write their posts and work their blogging around their real jobs.  Is there a specific time of the day that people feel more productive?  How may posts at a sitting?

I'm tied to the living room table.  I prefer the morning but teaching means that I write a couple of posts each evening and schedule one to post in the morning.  I try to generate ideas during the day so that I can get posts written quickly and start correcting homework. 

That's it, kinda boring. Comments are open.

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caheidelberger said...

Morning, right out of bed, straight to the living room, one or two before breakfast, one or two during. I'll occasionally pop one off down at the cabin by the lake, although I really ought to be studying! :-)