Saturday, April 2, 2011

More This Week in Opt Outs

The Yankton Press & Dakotan published profiles of the four candidates for YSD school board.  Rick Altoff opposes the opt out.  Tim Kenney, Matt Pietz, and Jay Williams support it.  Writing in the Yankton County Observer, Dave Baumeister contends [p]eople who vote for a candidate only because of his position on the opt-out are doing themselves and the Yankton district a great disservice."  The editorial is hidden behind a subscriber pay wall.

According to The Observer's front page coverage of the petition drive, 110 signatures had been turned in by March 30.  Local realtor Charlii Gilson had 146 more signatures but she had been calling people to make arrangements to witness the signature because "the personal witnessing' part of the signing process got by her...."  Gilson hoped to have 250 signatures turned in by the end of the week.

The papers take turns covering the school board candidate forums.  The student newspaper The Woksape, which is printed by the Press & Dakotan, had a story with interviews of Superintendent Joe Gertsema and business manager Jason Bietz.

Finally, a Duane Grimme letter to the editor says that he "favor[s] a public vote on the opt-out, for the implications there are serious for all. But spare me the pizza ploys, child posters, either/or simplicity (divvy up or live with mediocrity), and tsunami references."  Wayne Wurth took out ads to urge people to sign the petitions to bring the opt out to a vote.  The signings could take place at JoDean's Restaurant or the Subway parking lot.

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