Friday, March 25, 2011

When Geeks Collide

I like books, reading them, buying them, owning them, stacking them, talking about them.

I've held off buying a Kindle, a Nook, and a Sony Reader for a couple of reasons including the money and the fact that I am only leasing the books on a Kindle.  More importantly, they're just not books.  Still, I have no doubt that I will get a digital reader at some point in the near future, especially if I can get one that is a bit like an electronic reader version of a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman.

I also love comics, they satisfy for 30 minutes.  Although many characters from Iron Man to Mr. Fantastic to Batman rely on science and tech, I never really thought I'd have to think about having a reader for digital comics.  After all Thor, Wonder Woman, and Captain American still rely on traditional weapons.  How naive and foolish of me. Today, Lifehacker gives a guide for digital comics

I'm a bit ambivalent about this development.  I love going to Rainbow Comics, but if digital comics are cheaper, and if I can avoid having the paper books take over the house so Mrs. Plainsman is placated, maybe digital comics won't be so bad.  Even if I hated the idea completely, I don't think the Hulk would be able to SMASH it.  Now, I have to look for a reader with an adamantium cover; those damned computer geeks can't get the last word on everything

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