Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giving Teachers Guns: A Bad and Scary Idea

A Nebraska state legislator wants to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons.

According to a Lincoln Star Journal article bill is sponsored by Senator Mark Christianson who claims that "he introduced his bill in response to the Jan. 5 shooting at Millard South High School, where 17-year-old student Robert Butler Jr. shot Assistant Principal Vicki Kaspar and then shot Principal Curtis Case."

Christianson asserts that had his law been in effect the Millard South deaths might have been prevented, "We might have been better off.  To me, it's much better to be able to deal with the situation quickly. We can stop additional lives from being taken."

Christianson seems to be proof that American's education system has failed at least when it comes to teaching people how to think logically.

First, looking to the case at hand, "[p]olice found Butler about 45 minutes after the shooting in a parking lot about a mile from the school, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot."  If the person who shot others commits suicide, it's unlikely that the threat of being shot by others will provide a deterrent.

Second, real life is not like TV. Armed teachers firing at armed students is going to produce wounded innocents.

I have about twenty allegedly humorous reasons why having teachers bring guns to school is a bad idea, but I'll keep it simple.  This idea is one of the most inane and frightening that I've ever heard.

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