Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Question In Which I Act Like A Cranky Conspiracy Theorist, Sort Of

BP is a corporation.  The courts have said that corporations are individuals; therefore BP is an individual.  BP has caused millions of dollars of damage to the United States.  The damage may be the result of negligence or criminal activity.  If true, why can’t BP the individual be declared an enemy combatant for terrorizing the United States?  The harm done by the spill is far greater than the harm that would have been done by the Times Square Bomb attempt.  In fact, people actually died because of BP’s actions.

It strikes me as extremely odd that politicians strive to be the toughest anti-terror person in the room when it comes to punishing stupid people who commit terrorist acts.  The fireworks the Times Square Bomber bought “wouldn’t damage a watermelon.”  Some want the US to strip the citizenship from terrorists.  If individuals like Faisal Shahzad are facing the ultimate sanctions such as the death penalty and loss of citizenship for their stupidity, why shouldn’t individuals like BP and Halliburton face similar punishments for their hubris, recklessness, and arrogance.

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