Thursday, February 13, 2020

Quotation Of The Day: 2020 South Dakota Republican Legislature Edition

I have been reading What Are We Doing Here?, a collection of essays by Marilynne Robinson. Robinson is the author of Gilead, a novel that I contend is one of the best novels of the century.

In the essay which gives the book its title Robinson writes a seemingly perfect description of the Republican majority in Pierre during the 2020 session.
. . . these lovers of country, these patriots are wildly unhappy with the country they claim to love and are bent on remaking it to suit their own preferences which they feel no need to justify or fully articulate. Neither do they feel any need to answer the objections of those who see their shaping and their disciplining as mutilation (23).

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larry kurtz said...

Why any Democrats still live in my home state remains a mystery.