Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Huether Press Conference Tomorrow: Is Political Theater Afoot?

This tweet came across my Twitter feed a few minutes ago.

I honestly don't remember if Huether held a press conference to announce his little road show, so I am going to go with some insight provided when he announced he was leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent:
The mayor announced his decision to switch from Democrat to independent at a Monday news conference. He did not address his political future, but Northern State University political scientist Jon Schaff told the Argus Leader that people who don’t have political ambitions don’t call public press conferences.
If it is indeed "political ambitions," that would indicate a run against either Representative Dusty Johnson or Senator Mike Rounds in 2020.  When he announced his party switch, Huether "compar[ed] his own business-centric approach to running City Hall with Trump’s methodology."

Mike Rounds votes with Trump 92.1% of the time, and Dusty Johnson votes with Trump 88.4% of the time. That leaves Huether the option of running as Trump-lite or going full anti-Trump. Given the South Dakota electorate neither option seems to open a road to victory.

UPDATE: Guess I was wrong; people do hold press conferences for next to nothing, in this case a self-published book.

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