Friday, August 10, 2018

Funny, Kristi Noem Doesn't Look Anything Like Heimdall

For those unfamiliar with Norse mythology, Heimdall is the Norse god who stands at the edge of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that stretches between Earth and Asgard, the gods' home. His chief task is to sound the alarm when the frost giants begin their assault on Asgard, an attack that will lead to Ragnarok, the twilight or death of the gods.

Yesterday, Kristi Noem's campaign claimed a scheduling conflict prevented her from debating education issues at an event to be hosted by  the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, the School Administrators of South Dakota and South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

According to the Rapid City Journal

[Campaign manager Justin Brasell] did not divulge the scheduling conflict, and did not immediately return later messages from the Rapid City Journal asking what Noem planned to be doing today that precluded her from accepting the debate invitation.  
Noem made public appearances in Madison and Sioux Falls on Wednesday, and she was scheduled to attend a fundraiser for her campaign Thursday night in Sioux Falls. As of Thursday afternoon, Noem’s campaign Facebook page showed one future event: a Saturday morning parade in her hometown of Castlewood.
I admit I'm speculating as to Noem's undisclosed location, but Bifrost seems a logical conclusion because later in the day, Noem's campaign warned of a threat Republicans fear almost as much as the Asgardians fear frost giants: organized labor.

'. . . unions are undertaking a massive nationwide effort to overturn right-to-work laws, which protect workers from being forced to join labor unions. Earlier this week, unions were successful in overturning Missouri’s right-to-work law, which Billie Sutton’s Democratic Party touted as a “huge win” before calling on South Dakota to “follow Missouri’s lead.”

Just like Fenrir, the wolf that will swallow Odin whole, organized labor will, according to Noem, eliminate all worker freedom in South Dakota.

“South Dakota has been a right-to-work state for more than 50 years, and Kristi Noem will keep it that way,” said Justin Brasell, Kristi for Governor Campaign Manager. “That’s why we’re seeing out-of-state union heads investing thousands into Billie Sutton’s campaign. He’s their best bet to repeal the state’s decades old right-to-work laws and force South Dakotans into labor unions they don’t want to be a part of.” 
South Dakota is one of the nation’s earliest adopters of right to work protections, passing legislation in 1946 to protect people from being denied employment “on account of membership or nonmembership in any labor union.”
Soon, Noem, from her perch atop Bifrost, will warn that Medicaid expansion will destroy South Dakota's economy just like the Midgard Serpent drenched Thor in its venom and killed him. If her campaign is in real danger, Noem will probably conjure visions of giants riding on Naglfar, the ship of death, and resort to telling voters about threats posed by illegal immigrants, ISIS, and MS-13. God forbid, South Dakotans may even be threatened by National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem.

It's going to be a long campaign season if Noem stays on Bifrost and warns of series of impending Ragnaroks.Voters need to know candidates' policies on education and other important issues. They don't need politicians to create contemporary apocalyptic tales warning of events that will never happen.

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