Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Post Wherein I Reveal My Inner Cassandra

For those unfamiliar with mythology, Cassandra was a princess of Troy with the gift of accurate prophecy. She was cursed, however, so no one would believe her prophecies. The current definition of cassandra is "one who predicts misfortune or disaster."

In light of the contemporary definition, I hope the Democrats who will be reconvening at the end of the week  for what they call "a small procedural step in the process of certifying our Constitutional candidates" follow both party bylaws and state law fully.

It beggars belief that Republicans would force Democrats to reconvene merely for a public relations win in July and August. The undecided or unaffiliated voters that the Democrats need in order win a statewide race will have forgotten about the incident by late October or early November when they decide whom to support Although the unforced error that necessitated reconvening is nothing like the Constitution Party's dramedy, Republican Party Chairperson Dan Lederman claims he "reviewed their bylaws" as part of the Republicans' challenge to the Secretary of State's decision about that party's dueling slate of party officers and competing conventions. If Republicans are making the extra effort to review bylaws to keep a party with fewer than 500 registered voters off the ballot, they will certainly look for another mistake from the Democratic Party.

Despite my complaints about Democrats' failure to develop legislative candidates, it's obvious that they face an uphill battle against Republicans in South Dakota. The urban-rural divide continues to become more pronounced. South Dakota is a rural state, and Republicans dominate in rural areas. South Dakota's Democrats should take care to avoid another unforced error that increases the advantages that South Dakota's Republicans enjoy.

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