Friday, July 13, 2018

The Blogger Doth Protest Too Much Methinks

It likely reflects poorly on my character that I enjoy using literary allusions to refer to everyday occurrences. In the case, this post's title refers to the fact that South Dakota War College has posted at least  6 posts referencing the fact that the Democrats must reconvene in August to properly certify their candidates for constitutional offices in South Dakota.

Were I a Republican insider, I would chortle a bit at a major unforced error. I don't believe that this incident is worth six posts worth of pointing and giggling. Further, Dakota War College's latest post, implies that Republicans presented Democrats with a gift and states that "Democrats should be thanking the GOP" for pointing out the error "in the interest of transparency."

Transparency is not a term I would use to describe a party that dominates the legislature but keeps its caucus closed. Also, I have never associated the South Dakota Republicans with benevolence. If anything, they are ruthlessly efficient.

That nature reminds me of a few classics, chiefly The Iliad which features the ruthlessly efficient killing machine Achilles and The Aeneid which contains the story of the Trojan Horse. South Dakota Democrats would do well to remember one of the key lines from The Aeneid, "I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts." This "gift," like that famous giant wooden horse may not be given with good intent and Democrats should exercise due caution.


larry kurtz said...

Speaking of vile: for a short, fat guy Powers brings schadenfreude to a level that rivals Trump's vileness, misogyny and hate speech.

Kal Lis said...

I've got no room to judge on the physical end. The posts I'm referring to didn't really rise to the level you're indicating.

larry kurtz said...

Just watch: since he can't tolerate dissent and if you continue to cover Powers' absence of civility The Displaced Plainsman will simply disappear from his sidebar.