Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Musing About Perspective, Kavanaugh, Summits, And Normality

It may be a week for the history books. On Monday, President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to to be the next justice on the Supreme Court. Today, he's at the NATO Summit, and later this week he'll meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The following tweets may provide some prospective on Kavanaugh and provide some guidance for what promises to be a week and summer of sturm und drang.

First, there's this portion of a Susan Hennessey thread.

Second, there's this Leon Wood tweet
While Hennessey and Wood disagree about whether Kavanaugh is a good pick, they agree that Trump is a deleterious influence on the Republic. They also agree that Kavanaugh is a pick any Republican President would have made. As Hennessy succinctly puts it, the Kavanaugh nomination "is politics as usual."

What's not politically usual, however is a President strongly criticizing allies on the eve of a summit, praising a dictator NATO was designed to confront, and imposing tariffs at a whim. It is also highly unusual to randomly pardon people for arson and occupying government property so soon after they have been sentenced.

I don't know if Republicans in the House and Senate will ever develop a spine let alone the adamantium infused one necessary to confront Trump, a juvenile, stubborn, vile man who has the hubris of a tragic hero. I know the Democrats want to pick up every gauntlet Trump throws down. There may be some political genius who knows how to fight all of these fights at once, but he or she is remaining quiet. Absent expert leadership, it might be best to fight to keep the abnormal from becoming normal and allowing the normal, no matter how bad, to remain a fight for another time.

During this week and the rest of the summer Putin may well back the United States into a corner as the American and world's economies begin a dangerous downward spiral because of Trump's foolish trade war. Returning to normal may not be possible if those events transpire; normality may be possible if the worst event of the summer is Kavanaugh's confirmation.

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