Saturday, June 9, 2018

When Blog Comments Meet Hollywood

Over at Dakota Free Press, one Cory's one of his frequent interlocutors has taken to making numerous comments that follow the same theme.
It doesn’t matter. So long as the democrats align themselves with change the constitution, baby killing, open borders, islamist worshiping, MS-13 honoring, drug riddled, spies in the presidential election, raise the taxes, forced health insurance, IRS prosecuting conservatives and russian colluding left they do not have a chance.Listen to what I am telling you: . . . You are being ANTI-CULTURE against your neighbors who will not vote to destroy their way of life. . . .  . .” 
In another comment, he expresses the idea that women need protection because they are "venerable."
. . . They are animals and you know he was speaking specifically about the members of MS-13. . . . You don’t care . . .  any . . . woman nor do you care if they had any rights at all. It’s an act. I’ve seen it a thousand times. A male claims to support women’s rights. Acts as if he is in support of the feminist movement. Attends the rally, events and protests and then when the unsuspecting woman is venerable they strike. It’s been all over the news lately and in almost every case it is an ugly male, in poor physical condition, normally a loner. . . . 
It's probably just me, but these sorts of pronouncements always remind me of this speech from the Coen brother's classic O Brother Where Art Thou?. (If this doesn't post properly, the speech begins about 50 seconds in and ends at about 1:54)


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