Monday, February 9, 2015

Will It Be Ever Thus?

I have been struggling to blog since September or October. In part, it seems as if everything that I do now takes longer to complete. Getting old, an age that I will describe as being far closer to 60 than to 50, does indeed slow one down.

There is, however, another reason; blogging has seemingly become an exercise in futility. I going to cherry pick two quotations from a recent Madville Times thread and put words in the mouths of the majority of South Dakota voters to illustrate my frustration.

First, Bob Mercer writes, "Bottom line: Our economy isn't strong enough to do more for education and our voters don't seem to want to do more for education."

Cory responds to Mercer's analysis with the proper observation: ". . . if Mercer's bottom line is true, if South Dakota's economy cannot support greater investment in education, then 35 years of GOP rule has failed."

The majority of South Dakota voters will obliviously continue vote for anyone with an "R" behind his or her name on the ballot. They seem to be responding to the situation with a simple mantra: "Give me that old time politicin'; it's been good enough for 35 years; it's still good enough for me." The fact that "good enough" rarely is good or enough is deftly ignored.

Pointing out the obvious to those who refuse to acknowledge it is fun for a while, but it is becoming rather tiring when there is so little hope that the political situation in South Dakota will ever change.


Curt Pochardt said...

It may be instructive to remember that Mercer's hats worn include press sec'y to Gov Janklow. To my knowledge Cory has never cashed checks in the service of any political agenda.

Kal Lis said...

The post never said that Cory accepted any money from anyone.

Specifically, it claims that Mercer's analysis is correct and that Cory's question is the right one before concluding that no one will ever listen.