Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mike Rounds Is Liked But He's Not Well Liked

The results of a Nielson Brothers/Northern Plain News poll released yesterday indicate that nearly as many many people dislike Mike as like him. The poll shows Rounds with a 13 point lead over his Democratic opponent Rick Wieland. The more interesting fact is that people know Rounds but may not really like him

The overwhelming majority of the "likely voters" polled know who Rounds is.

Mike Rounds's Name ID

Fewer than half have a favorable view of the two-term former Governor.

Mikes Rounds's Favorable Rating

Nearly as many have an unfavorable view

Mike Rounds's Unfavorable Rating

Those numbers can't be comforting for Rounds who believes "I Like Mike" videos are so important enough that his campaign web page asks for submissions. Given these results, I wonder if Mike Rounds ever looks at his wife and quotes Willy Loman, the protagonist of  Death of a Salesman, "You know, the trouble is, [Jean] people don’t seem to take to me."

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