Friday, August 1, 2014

Maybe This Will Help Governor Daugaard Appreciate Philosophy

Governor Daugaard strikes me as a fan of banal programming like Full House. Michelle Foucault is a new Tumblr that combines pictures of Michelle Tanner, a character on the sitcom, with quotations from French philosopher Michel Foucault.

The Onion's AV Club sums up the site:
The work of multi-hyphenate artist Buzz Slutsky, Michelle Foucault expertly juxtaposes the 20th-century theorist’s insights into the imposed will of the hegemony with that grim specter of the societal norm, the Olsen Twins. The effect is a jarring, if hilarious, combination of the cute with the dire warnings of a society that embraces its own subjugation.
Here are three of my favorites.

Maybe Republican United States Senate candidate and former governor Mike Rounds will appreciate the Tumblr as well. Focault was French and Rounds likes photos from France.

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