Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unless One Is Starving, Many Things In Education Are More Important Than School Lunch

I really shouldn't have to point out the claim this post's title makes. The fact should be rather self-evident. Unfortunately, Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD), seems fixated on school lunches.

Tweets are supposed to be short, but Noem used only 115 of her allotted 140 characters, so let's go through a short list of "issues that impact SD schools" Noem could have emphasized with a similar number of characters.
25% new superintendents
SD's teacher shortage
Students in poverty
DoE usurps federalism (It's possible I missed the memo that conservatives no longer support federalism or that Noem has renounced conservative principles.)
Testing = corp welfare (I suppose I shouldn't expect Noem to discuss this issue. Corporate welfare is the onlywelfare she supports.)
Arne Duncan's failures (Why is he the only member of the Obama administration Republicans won't criticize?)
Frankly, school lunches should have been part of the tweet only if Noem has evidence that school lunches are composed of Soylent Green. She could have edited other parts of her tweet to make room for"Soylent Green is people!.

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