Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Robocalls Attacking Weiland In July?

This tweet came across my timeline a few minutes ago.
I don't doubt the report is accurate, but the timing strikes one as curious. First, few people really pay attention to politics until Labor Day. Late July seems very early.

Further, negative ads this early smack of desperation. Rounds is a prohibitive favorite. He smiled throughout a Republican primary that saw Stace Nelson hit him with harder shots than Weiland has used so far. Going negative when one has a big lead makes one doubt the strength of the lead or wonder what the frontrunner is worried about. Either way, the veneer of inevitability seems to be being scraped away.

By way of looking at all options, I doubt that any group tied to Pressler would attack Weiland for being too close to Reid. Of course, a group not associated with the Rounds campaign might be making these calls, and everyone knows that such a group's activities can't be coordinated with the official campaign. That convenient fiction still leaves open the questions "Why now?" and "What's Rounds worried about?"


M Larson said...

The RNC is seperate from Rounds, but fully backs him. That allows for the dirty politics to avoid being connected to the candidate.

Kal Lis said...

Yeah, that last paragraph is a bit messy. I wanted to point out an independent political group might come in later and support Rounds with a negative ads. Both would, of course, not coordinate with the Rounds campaign. (note sarcasm intended)

I'll leave it stand and point people to this comment for clarification.

I stand by the questions.

I should have listened to Weird Al.

sodakliberty.com said...

I've heard some rumors the last few days an anti-amnesty group was going to be doing some work in SD. I wonder if it isn't that group. Rounds will basically do whatever Republican leadership in DC wants him to do, so the anti-amnesty group probably is helping him. Granted though, these are just rumors sent to me by readers.

M Larson said...

Sodakliberty: Cory reports that the Robocall ends with supported by the RNC, I think.