Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Public Service Announcement: Always Follow The Links

Pat Powers gleefully quotes the following passages from this Washington Post article about the South Dakota U.S Senate campaign:
After all, Weiland, a Democrat, was not the first — or even second — choice for the national party. He last ran for office in 1996. His positions on issues such as abortion and the Keystone XL pipeline have led some to conclude he may be too liberal for a state that is trending Republican at the federal level.
Weiland was far from the national party’s first choice in a state where convincing conservatives and moderates to vote for the Democratic candidate is a necessity. Former congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was heavily recruited by national Democrats and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), but decided not to run. So was Johnson’s son, South Dakota U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson, who also chose not to jump into the race.
Weiland is decidedly liberal. He is pro-choice, against Keystone, supports universal background checks for guns and is against the federal subsidization of big agriculture, which he believes is killing family farms.
The passages certainly fit the narrative Powers has worked hard to create: Wieland will lose because he's too liberal for South Dakota and national Democrats don't care if he wins.The quoted passages, in the main, fit the tone of the article, but the article does show Weiland to be an optimistic hard working campaigner.

Also left out is the fact that one could, if one were so inclined, go to the same article and produce the following headline: Rounds Wasteful and Scandal Plagued Campaign Fails To Excite Conservatives."
Rounds has raised $2.8 million and has spent the vast majority of the money.
Rounds ticked off his conservative credentials; he has, however, been criticized by some conservatives for tax increases.
Rounds is also dealing with continued fallout over a scandal involving a program that offered immigrant investors visas. It was found that the state lost money on the program, records were destroyed and state and federal authorities are investigating.
Always follow the link

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