Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In South Dakota Politics The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Likely My Enemy's Enemy

Tara Volesky hopes that I and everyone else will support Independent candidate for lieutenant-governor Lora Hubbel because Hubbel fights the GOP establishment. I don't like established churches or political oligarchies. I'm not sanguine about South Dakota being a single-party state. The ruling clique has far too many Mayberry Machiavellis in its number. More importantly, South Dakota gets an F from the Center for Public Integrity and is the eighth most corrupt state according to an Indiana University study.

Lee Stranahan has promised South Dakotans "better media." Stranahan claims the improved coverage will happen because he is "going to keep it real about the REAL ISSUES facing South Dakota." It's disheartening to know that South Dakota has fewer statehouse reporters.than any other state. Further, South Dakota's television news departments do more press release reading than actual journalism.

I should, therefore, wholeheartedly rejoice because an "advocate" like Hubbel and an intrepid "reporter" like Stranahan are in South Dakota. And yet, there exists a strong feeling that, in this case, the enemy of my enemy is . . . something other than an ally.

To date, Stranahan seems to write about only two subjects; neither involve improving South Dakota's political news coverage. First, he serves as the chief apologist for Chad Haber's and Annette Bosworth's efforts to lead as many as possible down a political rabbit hole to a bizarre wonderland that makes Lewis Carroll's look pedestrian. (Much of Stranahan's concern in the Mette rape case has been connected to Attorney General Marty Jackley's prosecution of Annette Bosworth.) Second, he reprimands the two leading South Dakota political blogs, Madville Times and Dakota War College, for criticizing Haber and BosworthLike Sibby before him, Stranahan seems particularly fixated on Madville's Cory Heidelberger. With all due respect to DWC's Pat Powers and Heidelberger, far more South Dakotas get their political news from KELO or KSFY than from Madville and DWC, a fact Stranahan blithely ignores.

A single-party state that is gaining infamy for having too few reporters and too much corruption is hardly on its way to becoming Utopia. The political leadership and those who have failed in their watchdog capacity deserve censure. On the other hand, Hubbel has a history of being a political bomb thrower with an uncertain aim, and Stranahan seems to share that tendency. Their histrionics will only cause collateral damage and damn by association those who expose corruption and champion carefully formulated reform efforts.

Giving someone the choice of supporting the political status quo or supporting a political reality envisioned by Stranahan or Hubbel, is like giving someone the choice to killed by a firing squad or lethal injection. The end result is the same. Given the available options, I'll opt for remaining politically displaced.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kal,

Great post! I voted for Ralph Nader years ago and I feel like I'm progressive in some areas and conservative in others but can appreciate where others are coming from politically.

I really believe we need a multi-party system nationally and especially here in South Dakota to provide more competition in our system.

If the Republicans win the major seats this November we might as well found a Resistance Party. lol

Lynn from Madville

Kal Lis said...


Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by.

As far as a Resistance Party, I'm in--Viva La Resistance! (I'm sure Cory will stop by to correct a diacritical mark or two.)