Friday, July 4, 2014

Dear Susan Wismer, Please Fix Your Campaign Logo

Ken Santema is South Dakota's foremost Libertarian blogger. He may well be South Dakota's only Libertarian blogger, but let's put that discussion off for another day. I get over to Santema's corner of the interwebs rather frequently and find him to be a thoughtful commentator about South Dakota politics. He's covered live debate events and has given good reviews to Angelia Schultz, so he's not a hyper-partisan.

Today, while I sat at home and fed my cats Cheetos, Santema showed himself to be a better American than I. He went to a parade, took some pictures, posted some commentary, and made a mistake. That mistake is not his fault; the blame lies with the Wismer campaign,

Ken took and posted the following picture.

Ken Santema Photo of South Dakota Dems in Brookings Independence Day Parade
Santema then made the following observation:
One thing I found quite odd is the lack of signage for gubernatorial candidate Susan Wismer. There were at least three for Lt Gov candidate Susan Blake, plus a few who had Susan Blake shirts on. But I didn’t see any sign of Wismer. Perhaps this was just an oversight… It just seemed very odd that the Lt Gov candidate would get support; and the Gov candidate wouldn’t even get a sign on a truck
The Susan for South Dakota signs are for the Wismer/Blake ticket. Apparently, someone decided that it's self-evident that the "Susan" on the sign refers to Susan Wismer not Susy Blake. If these signs are confusing a South Dakota voter who pays more attention to politics than 98% of the state's residents, the signs need to go.

When I teach basic speech, I tell the young'uns that communication occurs when a sender sends a message, and a receiver understands the message. If the message sent is that Susie Blake has support, but Susan Wismer doesn't;that's a problem the campaign should fix. I'd suggest that people start working to fix it tonight, but this post is going up late and most normal people will be watching fireworks. Monday will be soon enough.

Look, Adele, Cher, Madonna, and Kesha can all get away with using only their given name. Those names are also a lot less common than Susan. Further, the only one of those women to be part of duo was Cher. That duo was Sonny and Cher. The members' names were far easier to differentiate than Susan and Susy.

In addition to letting people know who's on the top of the ticket, a good South Dakota Democratic strategy might include not allowing Pat Powers to say "I told you so."

I know I'm coming off snarky. I'm sorry, but I want a two-party system in the state. I have never voted straight ticket, but I really would like it if a vote for a Democrat in a statewide race were not a wasted vote.

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