Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Post Wherein I Try To Help Both Jason Gant And Angelia Schultz

South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant has shown once again that he's a partisan hack not a statesman.

When Independent gubernatorial candidate Michael Myers charged that Gant refused his request to replace Caitlin Collier, his original choice to be his running mate as a candidate for lieutenant governor, with Lora Hubbel, because "[t]he secretary of state is used as a party to advance the interest of the dominant party," Gant called the charge "absurd and pathetic" and a "sad attempt of publicity,”

Were he even a D- level leader, Gant would have responded to the charge with something simple:
"I'll just repeat what I said before. Nothing in the law allows Mr. Myers to replace his original choice. I hope the South Dakota legislature uses the upcoming session to change the law to ensure that Independents receive the same treatment as Republicans and Democrats." 
Instead, he made a churlish response that does nothing but give credence to Myers's claim that Gant is a "a hit man for the Republican machine in Pierre."

Meanwhile, Angelia Schultz, the South Dakota Democrats nominee for Secretary of State should have issued a press release and used social media to criticize Gant's surly responses. The statement could have been rather short.
Although I support and will be voting for Susan Wismer, I agree with Mr. Myers's that an Independent candidate should be on a level playing field with major party candidates. The only sad and pathetic part of today's events is Mr. Gant's belittling of the Myers campaign's efforts to achieve fair treatment. When I am elected as the next South Dakota Secretary of State, I will do everything in my power to run the office in a non-partisan manner.
The worst thing that could happen to Schultz would be that Dick Wadhams would use his trite phrase generator to tell her to stop playing politics,

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