Friday, July 11, 2014

A Minor Musing About Conservatives, Dictators, Sean Hannity, And Immigration

If I understand conservatives properly, they believe that too many undocumented immigrants are illegally entering the United States. This influx, according to conservatives, is causing moral and fiscal harms; therefore, the best plan is to close the borders. Since the federal government is not acting; Texas Governor Rick Perry and conservative talking head Sean Hannity have taken up arms to illustrate the correctness of the conservative cause.

On the other hand, many conservatives also believe the federal government has grown dangerously large and powerful. Many believe that President Obama is a dictator.

Given the latter beliefs and given that a closed border guarded by vigilantes like Sean Hannity or legitimate border patrol agents can keep people in as well as keep people out, why would conservatives want to close off an avenue of escape from a dictatorial regime? Creating such a situation doesn't seem conservative. It might even be less prudent than letting Sean Hannity on the river with a gun.


bret clanton said...

Now that you've got that out of your system what would be your answer to the border problem?

Kal Lis said...

Sorry for being slow to respond Bret.

No fence.
No photo ops with guns.
No support of corrupt leaders.
Increase efforts to weaken or eliminate criminal gangs that are likely helping the kids get to and past the border.
Increase support for long term economic development within Latin American countries. Canadians aren't rushing the Northern border.